Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Change in Focus!

Hey everybody...we have been busy and have not updated "The Blog" for quite a while. This has helped us to think through a little better why we started to blog in the first place. It started as a way of sharing with everybody a update on our lives and the ministry work we are doing in Las Vegas. We have decided to focus more on first. That's what "The Blog" seems to be for anyway. We have a quarterly letter which we have named "The Water Cooler" that focuses on ministry updates that you can get at our website . We would appreciate everybodies prayers as many great things are going on here in North Las Vegas!

So on to a quick update. We finally feel like we are settled! The boxes are unpacked and we have had many people come and visit us for all kinds of gatherings. It is great to have a place where you can serve people. My parents have also made the transition from selling their home in PA to their deluxe accomodations in our home. We are an official multigenerational family!

A neat thing that happened recently was us being asked to be interviewed for an article that was published in the Las Vegas newspaper realistate section. The article feature a picture of most of our family and our home buying experience. We were on the front page of the paper alongside the announcement of the opening of Trump Tower! That was pretty cool! The article also published information about our church and our services of worship. What a blessing! The newspaper reaches the two million people here in Las Vegas. Let's see if their are any who come as a result of the article!

Good bye for now, stay tuned for some upcoming updates!